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Postpartum FAQs

YES YES YES. I can’t stress enough that formula is not like breastmilk and never could be. If you need to use formula, it can be a good thing. But if you have the choice, I strongly suggest that you breastfeed!

Breastfeeding provides SO many benefits to your baby (and to you!) that you’ll miss out on if you formula feed. To learn more, check out Breastfeeding vs. Formula: 25 Benefits of Breastfeeding.

I wrote all my best tips and advice for preparing for postpartum in How to Prepare for Postpartum: The Ultimate Guide. I talk about what to expect, what to prep, what to learn, what to buy, and what you can do now, during pregnancy.

If you’re ready for some real talk and some insights into the exact things I did to prepare, check it out now.

The short answer: no.

The longer answer: Women who have experienced depression before pregnancy are more likely to experience postpartum depression, but that doesn’t mean that if you’ve been depressed before that you definitely will be postpartum.

There’s nothing that can guarantee you won’t experience postpartum depression, but there certainly are things you can do to prepare yourself and make it less likely. In my experience, two things can make a huge difference: 

  1. Talk about how you’re feeling with your spouse or other trusted person
  2. Check your expectations

I talk about both of those things and more in my blog post How to Prepare for Postpartum: The Ultimate Guide.