How to Find a Midwife:

Does your prenatal care with a doctor feel impersonal and rushed?

Do you want to hire a midwife but have been putting it off because you don’t know how to find one who’s a great fit for you?

Do you want a better birth experience than you had last time?

Or are you a first-time mom wanting to avoid the trauma that so many moms experience?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need How to Find a Midwife!

This book will teach you…

  • The specific ways hiring a midwife will improve your pregnancy and birth experiences
  • What you need to know about the FOUR types of midwives and WHY the differences matter to you
  • What prenatal appointments will be like depending on which type of midwife you choose
  • Why having questions ready is important when interviewing midwives
  • The #1 THING you should do in first-time consultations with midwives (that’s even more important than asking good questions!)
  • Exactly what to do, step by step, to find an hire your ideal midwife

PLUS, you’ll also get access to these AWESOME BONUSES when you buy the book:

> My Birth Budget Estimator
> Access to my student-only Facebook Group, Give Birth Give Life Moms
> A Pre- and Postnatal Appointments Preview schedule
> My Birth Bookshelf & Beyond resource list
and more!

“I’ll just see how things go this time with my OBGYN.”

“I don’t want to switch now…maybe I’ll hire a different provider with my next baby.”

But did you know that hiring a midwife…

  • makes it more likely that you’ll have a vaginal birth (and avoid a c-section!)
  • lowers your chances of experiencing postpartum hemorrhaging
  • decreases the risk of preterm birth and the chance of your baby dying
  • and much much more?

That is why the time to act is NOW!

Hiring a great midwife will give you the best chances of an incredible birth experience AND help pregnancy be the best it can be. The longer you wait, the less prepared for a beautiful birth you and your baby will be.

Get started now!

1 – Is this a course or a book?
How to Find a Midwife is an EBOOK, which comes as a PDF download.

2 – Will I get a physical copy of the book?
No. This is an ebook. But you can print it off if you want to!

3 – How can I get access to this ebook?
Once you’ve paid for the ebook, you’ll get instant access to the PDF file. Simply download your copy and save it to your computer, tablet, or phone!

4 – Are there refunds available?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the downloadable nature of this product, there aren’t any refunds. All sales are final.

5 – Is there any support?
When you purchase How to Find a Midwife, you’ll get a special invite to join my exclusive student-only Facebook group: Give Birth Give Life Moms, where you can ask questions, share what you’ve learned, chat with like-minded women, and celebrate successes!

6 – Isn’t this information free online?
Some of what I include in the book is certainly free online, if you can find it. But this book provides value you can’t get for free in two ways:
1) It’s organized in a specific way to walk you through all the things you need to understand, in the best order, including the exact steps to take as you hire a midwife, so you don’t miss a thing.
2) I’ve included lots of bonus sheets and graphics to help your decision process be as easy as possible.

“Allison has created a platform that truly has something for everyone. As a nurse myself, her content is both informative and interesting. As a mother to a beautiful baby girl, her content is passionate and full of life. Our personal preferences vary somewhat, but I have never felt from her that my preferences and decisions are less than because she truly cares that each woman has Her personal choices respected and heard and that each mother fully knows and understands her options! In a world so full of loud noise it is refreshing to see such beautiful heartfelt words encouraging mommas to be and current moms to take full control of their birth experience.”

—Alyssa Snow, BSN, RN

“Allison’s information is always spot on. She presents her research and experience so clearly and in a way that is easy to understand and engaging to read. It’s everything I wish I’d known and everything I didn’t know I needed to know for baby #1. I’m hanging on to every word she says as I prepare for baby #2. Allison has given me so much hope that I can have control over a more joyful and fulfilling birth experience this time around.”
—Anne-Marie Stevens

Hey, I’m Allison.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wanted to know everything—I love learning and wanted to be as prepared as possible. I searched google and YouTube and found some information but ended up confused and still wondering what to believe.

I had hoped my prenatal appointments would be enjoyable and educational, but my visits with the OBGYNs always felt rushed. I wanted someone to sit down and teach me and be excited with me but I just didn’t get that there. I often walked away feeling like I should have asked more questions but I honestly didn’t know what to ask!

Finally, I made the leap of faith and hired an amazing midwife. She taught me more than I ever thought I could learn about pregnancy and labor and birth. The more I learned, the more I changed.

Long story short, I had an amazing experience giving birth to my daughter at home, with my midwife and friend, Amy.

Even if you don’t want a home birth, I want YOU to have the same kind of incredible experience as I did.

That’s why since giving birth, I’ve dug into the research and learned everything I can about pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Give Birth Give Life—and products like this book, How to Find a Midwife—are the result.

INTRODUCTION: What You’ll Get Out of This Book

PART 1: Understanding Midwifery

Chapter 1: The Why and When of Hiring a Midwife
The long list of outcomes that midwives improve
Even more benefits of hiring a midwife
When should you hire a midwife?

Chapter 2: The 4 Types of Midwives
Certification vs. licensing
Type 1: Certified nurse-midwife
Type 2: Certified midwife
Type 3: Certified professional midwife
Type 4: Lay midwife
PLUS: What is “direct-entry”?

Chapter 3: The Where of Hiring a Midwife
The 4 locations a midwife might work
The 3 reasons a midwife’s workplace matters for you

Chapter 4: What Appointments Are Like
Appointments at an OBGYN/midwife clinic
Appointments at a freestanding birth center
Appointments with a home birth midwife
What about care right after birth?

PART 2: READY, AIM, HIRE—Action Steps and Assignments

Chapter 5: Determining Your Priorities and Preferences
A tool to tell you which type of midwife to hire
Getting clear about your ideal midwife
Why letters after a name guarantee nothing

Chapter 6: The Importance of Good Questions and Intuition
What questions should you be asking?
The #1 thing to do in midwife consultations
7 questions you should always ask

Chapter 7: How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Midwife?
How birth location affects cost
Understanding the average cost of a midwife in the US
Why midwife costs can vary so much
Other birth costs to plan for
What’s really important when it comes to paying for your birth

Chapter 8: Finding and Hiring Your Ideal Midwife
How to find midwives in your area
How to hire your ideal midwife, step by step

Get started now!